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Principles of the Defensive Handgun


Price: $200


June 1-2, 2019                    (Co-ed)


June 8-9, 2019                    (Ladies Only)


July 13-14, 2019                (Co-ed)


August 17-18, 2019          (Co-ed)


September 21-22, 2019  (Ladies Only)


Course Description:


The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is offering a 16 hour “Principles of the Defensive Handgun” course to qualified applicants in 2019.  It will be held at the Boone County Sheriff Firearms Range in Lebanon, IN.  In the past, we have had many requests for a ladies only class. Due to these requests, we are offering a “Ladies Only Principles of the Defensive Handgun” course. There is no difference in the curriculum.  It is merely limited to ladies only.  (A small .25 or .22 or .32 or .380 caliber pistol is NOT recommended for this course.  They inhibit the training and learning process.)


This course is designed for the novice to the experienced male or female firearms owner.  The two day course instructs the student in Gun handling, Marksmanship, and most importantly, Mindset.  It is instructed by Major Brian Stevenson, of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, and staff.  Stevenson is the department's Senior Range Master, a guest Firearms Instructor at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, and the Commander of the Boone County Special Response Team, a multi-agency “SWAT” team. Stevenson has been an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified firearms instructor for 17 years and has been teaching this curriculum for many of those years.




Requirements include either a valid Indiana Firearms Permit or Criminal History Report verifying the student as a "Proper Person," eye and hearing protection, a suitable pistol with at least two magazines, a belt holster, approximately 400 rounds of ammunition, and tuition of $200, $75 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  (As there is no fiscal impact on the Department for the course, all costs relating to the course must come from the student tuition's.)


There will be a 12 student minimum and a 26 student maximum for all Principles of Defensive Handgun classes.


For all Full-Time Boone County Employees and all Local (within Boone County) Law Enforcement Officers there will be no charge for this course.


Once there is a 12 student minimum; there will be a discounted rate for all Full-Time County Employees immediate families (family members living under the same roof) and Local Law Enforcement Officers immediate families (family members living under the same roof). That rate will be $100.00 for the class.


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