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Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds


Anthony M. Barrera, M. D., F. A. C. E. P.  (aka Doc Gunn)


Tactical Treatment of a Gunshot Wound


Occupation and Credentials:


Emergency Medicine Physician & Surgeon (Over 30 years of continuous practice.)

Fellow of the American College of Emergency Medicine.

Pennsylvania Medical Command Physician.

Virginia Tactical Medical Physician.

NRA Certified Instructor- Pistol, Personal Protection, Home Safety.

Illinois Tactical Officers Association.

State of Illinois Certified Patrol Rifle/Carbine Instructor.

Handgun Instructor Training School (1996, again in 2014)

Senior Instructor for John Farnam’s Defense Training International.

Founder, CEO and Chief Instructor of Doc Gunn, Inc.


Doc Gunn, an actively practicing physician, has over thirty years of practice in Emergency Medicine and is certified by the American Board of Emergency Physicians. He has been a DTI Affiliated Instructor since 1996 and has trained extensively with other prominent national and international instructors, often serving as an Assistant Instructor. He is a NRA Certified Instructor for Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection and Range Safety and has been certified as a State of Illinois Patrol Rifle Instructor. He is a graduate of the famed LAPD Handgun Instructor Training School (HITS) under the tutelage of Chief Instructor Lawrence Mudgett. Doc Gunn has taken Tactical Medicine at Gunsite under the Late M-SGT Chris Dwiggins and modified these lessons to pertain to the average police officer or armed citizen who may find him/her-self caught in a gunfight. 

Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds is a shooting course combined with what a non-medical professional can do to treat a gunshot victim immediately after a shooting. Special emphasis on the control of Hemorrhage, relief of Tension Pneumothorax and maintaining a simple Upper Airway is stressed, along with precise shooting with anatomical awareness in order to best neutralize our would-be murderers.


Since 2004, Doc has given his TTGSW course to elements of the USMC, Federal, State, County and Municipal Law Enforcement and countless "ordinary citizens and gun owners."


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