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EAG Tactical’s Carbine One (September 12-13, 2020)


Price: $450


Carbine 1 is a class focused on rapid engagements without sacrificing accuracy. All topics will be geared towards fighting with the carbine. This class is a moderately intensive course that will involve running and positional shooting.






    Ready positions

    Shooting positions



    Basic malfunction clearance


    Shooting from positions of cover


Length: 2 Days



    AR-15 Carbine that has been Zeroed


    At least Three (3) Magazines

    800 Rounds of Ammunition

    Handgun Holster

    At least two (2) Pistol Magazines

    100 Rounds of Handgun Ammunition



Brian Canova’s Biography:


Brian Canova is a current Sergeant at a law enforcement agency in Florida. He has been a law enforcement officer for 25 years and is currently in charge of all firearms and tactics training for his agency. His past duties have been as an assaulter, sniper, team leader and he finished up his 18-year SWAT career as a commander for the last 5 years. He has provided firearms and tactics training to multiple local, state and federal agencies.


In 2017, Brian took charge of EAG Tactical, which is a tactical training organization that was founded by Pat Rogers. Brian was a student and yearly host for EAG, and following Pat Rogers death in 2016, Brian has taken over EAG with the goal of continuing to deliver the highest level of tactical training.


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