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Steve Tarani's Protective Agents with Live Fire (June 22-23, 2019)


Price: $275




Learn the skills and gain the confidence of a protective agent. Take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to learn on-the-job knowledge of active protective services professionals. A professional hands-on Protective Services approach to doing what it takes to get yourself and your protectee(s) immediately off that fateful “X” and to safety, his vetted protective agent training curriculum affords you the opportunity to develop and utilize your instinctive reflexes to solve difficult armed threat engagement problems. Applicable at home, work, and travel, this is an opportunity for you to take home field-tested techniques gleaned from the professionals. Course content includes the Fundamentals of Protection, Protective Intelligence, Threat Assessment/ Response, Attack Recognition, Active Shooter Response, How to move yourself and your family to and from controlled/ uncontrolled areas, protective measures against threats in confined/ open-areas, how to control attacks on principal (AOPs) with protection to/ from buildings and vehicles, deployment of your weapon in an active protective movement (“Indexing”, “programming”, etc.,), managing the fateful Injury/ distance liability gap, cover and evacuation, counter-abduction techniques and defense against single and multiple attackers. To qualify for this class: You MUST be able to pass the Bill Wilson 5x5 Handgun Skill Test with a score of 41 or better. All registrants will be tested! No refunds will be issued for any reason so please don’t register if you can’t do it! If you do register and fail to pass, then you are welcome to attend the course using your blue gun but you will not be allowed to shoot. Packout gear: one duty or CCW pistol, holster (IWB/ OWB) and a matching blue/ red (inert training pistol). three magazines (and mag pouches), eye and ear protection, ball cap, cover garment (course is run from concealment), range kit and 500 rounds of ammunition.


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