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Boone County Communications


The Boone County Central Communications Center provides the vital link between citizens needing public safety services and those responders tasked with providing them. The purpose of the Communications Center is to collaborate with all public safety agencies to provide professional services that protect life and resolve issues. Citizens needing an emergency response may contact the Department 24 hours a day by calling 911. Non-emergencies may be handled by calling 765-482-1412, option 8.


If you need to report something to the police, but it does not require an emergency response and does not pose an immediate threat to life, 765-482-1412, option8, is the published non-emergency telephone line. Over 108,000 calls were taken in 2017. Included in this total was 23,000 emergency calls and services, requests for information, administrative transfers, and a myriad of other questions. We would ask that you be patient. It is not uncommon for dispatchers to spend several minutes on specific calls depending upon the nature of that call. Of course emergency calls are given the highest priority.


The Communications Division employs 20 professionals, 14 full-time and 6 part-time. The Communications Center is housed at the Boone County Jail and is overseen by the 911 Director and a Communications Assistant. Personnel are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), crisis intervention, state/national computerized file entries/inquiries and a plethora of on-going in-service topics. The dispatcher workstation is equipped with seven monitors. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), radio calls, jail doors and the computerized telephone system are a few of the applications which are utilized at their consoles. Dispatchers have a variety of duties which include, but are not limited to:


  • Talking to public safety personnel via radio and computer
  • Arranging prisoner transports
  • Entering warrants, protective and no-contact orders
  • Dispatching calls for service
  • Tracking and logging activity on the computer
  • Relaying requests from public safety personnel to other agencies
  • Accessing computerized files to check for wanted persons and warrants, stolen vehicles/property/articles, driver’s license information, etc.         


If you would like to receive texts or emails from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office for weather alerts, school closings, traffic updates, community events, etc. please create a Smart911 Profile at  During the registration process you will have the opportunity to select which alerts you would like to receive. 



Sam Sortor

Director of Communications

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