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Faith-Based Ministry


The Chaplain Division of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office is a non-denominational arm of the department that supports the mission of the BCSO by serving the Sheriff, their personnel, the community, and inmates of the Boone County Jail as a supportive volunteer group of qualified ministers and counselors, who will be available to assist, by request, in times of crisis.


The Chaplain division of the BCSO is led by Senior Chaplain, Scott Ailes, who oversees the Law Enforcement Division and Deputy Senior Chaplain, Kim Orr, who oversees the Jail Division.


The purpose of the BCSO Chaplain Division is to:


  • provide spiritual first-aid to the victims, victims’ families and inmates in the Boone County Jail;
  • provide counsel to the deputies and other first-responding agencies in coordination with other agencies, Chaplains, and/or clergy;
  • provide assistance in matters of spiritual, personal, family, work, or of another nature at the request of the BCSO personnel;
  • accompany officer(s) to make death notifications;
  • facilitate inmate religious studies and church services; and
  • be available, at the Sheriff’s request, to represent the department and/or Sheriff at public functions


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