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Inmate Rights


Inmate Rights at the 
Boone County Correctional Center


As listed in 210 IAC 3-1-15 in the Indiana Administrative Code


·         The right of jail inmates to have access to the courts shall be insured. Inmates shall have confidential access to their attorneys and the authorized representatives of their attorneys. Jail inmates not represented by counsel shall have reasonable access to an adequate law library.


·         Inmates shall not be subject to discrimination based on race, national origin, color, creed, sex, economic status, or political belief. There shall be equal access to programs or services for male and female inmates.


·         Inmates shall have the right of access to reading material except pornography as defined by Indiana law or reading matter which jail officials have reasonable grounds to believe poses an immediate danger to the safety of an individual or a serious threat to the security of the jail.


·         An inmate is entitled to believe in the religion of his choice, and attendance at religious services is not required. To the greatest extent possible consistent with jail security, programs and resources, an inmate is entitled to:


  • Observe the religious days of worship or holidays of his religion;
  • Possess religious artifacts that do not compromise the safety and security of the jail.
  • Receive and possess religious literature; and
  • Communicate, correspond with and be visited by a clergyman or religious counselor of his choice.


·         An inmate shall be given a reasonable opportunity for physical exercise and recreation outside of his immediate living quarters and out of doors where feasible, consistent with the security and resources of the jail.


·         Each sheriff shall make arrangements with election officials to facilitate an inmate's right to vote by absentee ballot provided that the inmate is otherwise qualified to vote.


·         Each jail shall maintain a written inmate work assignment plan providing for inmate employment, subject to the number of available work opportunities and the maintenance of facility security. Unsentenced inmates shall not be required to work except as may be necessary to maintain their living quarters in a safe and sanitary condition.


·         All inmates shall have the right to file written grievances regarding treatment of conditions in the jail with the sheriff or his designee. Grievances shall be promptly investigated, and a written report stating the disposition of the grievance shall be provided the inmate. The sheriff shall establish in writing a grievance procedure which shall be made known and distributed to all inmates upon arrival and initial screening.


·         Inmates may receive visitors at reasonable times. Jail officials may, however, for the purposes of maintaining jail security, individual safety, and administrative manageability, place reasonable restrictions on visitation.




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