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Inmates do have the opportunity to order commissary (food, hygiene, paper, pens, etc.) from the jail's commissary network.  The commissary vendor we use is Keefe. 


The inmate accesses the commissary network via the Kiosk machine located in the housing units, work release dorm and the receiving area. As long as the inmate has the funds on his/her inmate account, the inmate is able to order these items.  If the inmate orders more commissary items than they have funds available for, the system rejects the last ordered items until the correct available amount is met.


The commissary order is sent to the Keefe on Tuesdays.  The prepackaged orders arrive on Wednesday.  All inmates are required to check their orders when the order is given to them and let the officer know if they have any missing or damaged articles in the order.  The inmate is required to sign the packing slip for his/her order.  Once the inmate has signed the packing slip for the order and walked away from the commissary officer, the transaction is completed.  The inmate cannot come back to the officer later and say that they have missing or damaged articles.  They will not be refunded at that point.


If the inmate is being released to the Indiana Department of Corrections they will not be allowed by IDOC to take any commissary items with them.  If the inmate is being released from the Boone County Jail and has commissary items, the inmate is allowed to take these items with them.  If the inmate has not received the most recent commissary order, the inmate will be refunded the full amount of the commissary order that was placed.  The inmates are not permitted to gamble or trade commissary items for anything of value with the other inmates or staff members.  If this occurs the inmate will have privileges taken from then.


Authorized commissary items are subject to change at any time with the approval of the Sheriff and/or the Jail Commander.


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