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The Boone County Sheriff’s office Enforcement Division consists of 2-Majors, 1-Captain, 3 Sergeants, and 23-Deputies.  All are certified through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, located in Plainfield, Indiana.   Boone County consists of 428 square miles of road to patrol. Enforcement Deputies currently work 8-hour shifts.  All Deputies are put through Field Training Operations by qualified instructors before being released to begin working the road.  Deputies for the Boone County Sheriff’s office encounter a variety of calls from stray animals to homicides.  Not only do Deputies answer calls for service and cover motor vehicle accidents, they also patrol the schools, provide funeral escorts and various other community services. Although these calls range in severity, all are treated with the same dedication and professionalism the citizens of Boone County deserve. If you would like to contact a specific Deputy, please locate his or her name and email address under the enforcement page in the staff directory.


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