Boone County, Indiana Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Mike Nielsen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I obtain a Crash reports?

Crash reports are available on-line at or by visiting the Boone County Sheriff's office Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM -   4:00 PM.  If you call ahead, 765-483-5946, we will be able to locate the report you need and have it ready for you upon your arrival.

Q2. How do I get a Protective Order?

To file a protective order, you must obtain the petition paperwork from the Boone County Clerk’s Office. The Boone County Clerk’s Office will file the paperwork with the courts.

Q3. How do I request Extra Patrols?

If you are leaving your home on vacation or an extended period of time and would like extra patrol while you are gone. Contact the Boone County Communications Division (765) 482-1412 to be placed on the extra patrol list. Please provide the dates that you will be gone and any emergency contact information.

Q4. How can I contact a specific merit deputy?

Through our website using the deputy’s email or by contacting the Boone County Communications Division (765) 482-1412 to have access to the department voicemail system.

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