Boone County, Indiana Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Mike Nielsen

June 10, 2017

To: County Council and County Commissioners

From: Sheriff Nielsen

Subject: Six Month Planning and Fiscal update of BCSO Five Year Strategic Plan

Good morning,

I wanted to spend just a few minutes updating each of you about our first six months implementation of the BCSO Five Year Strategic plan… well as give you a fiscal update for this plan.  In the first six months we have accomplished many strategic goals as you can see below.  Out of the 10 main milestones in the Strategic plan section 5.5, we are ahead of schedule by 38 days.  I am also extremely proud that we have accomplished our goals and not once have ran into the red financially.  We continue to operate in the black on a month to month basis.

I would like to point out that the updated information in red below only shows that we have accomplished the majority of our goals ahead of schedule.  It clearly does not show all of the work that goes into this effort from a very dedicated staff of all employees that we have in each division of the Sheriff’s Office. Along with accomplishing these goals we have had to purchase uniforms, radios, vehicles, equipment, build vehicles, install new wireless technology, train, update software, etc. The list goes on……  This has been a monumental task for the first six months.

Section 7.7 (Long Term Planning)  - In December we will deposit into the new funds created by the Auditors office both the monies for the Public Safety Emergency Fund and the Future Building Fund. With all of the work that it has taken to get our Animal Control Ordinance in place, we may or may not be able to add the part time Animal Control Officer this year but will continue to build our case with facts to support this as a full time positon in 2018.

You will have two attachments to this email.  Attachment one will be the actual 2017 Budget broken down by fund.  The second document will be the weekly balance sheet from our QuickBooks software that we maintain here at the BCSO. These will match up with the county fiscal software up to the Claims cycle of 7/3.

I want to thank each one of our staff members at the BCSO.  Without each and every one of them….we could have never accomplished what we have in the first six months of this year. I am honored to work beside each one of them. We have a great working TEAM!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.



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